Guilherme Elmar Heineck Andriani

Guilherme Andriani has solid experience in several areas of civil law, ad has worked in cases concerning contractual relationships, civil liability and Family Law and Inheritance. During his career, Mr. Andriani has defended important public service concessionaires and mining companies in strategic claims within the reach of the judicial power. In this sense, Guilherme Andriani is able to analyze and propose different alternatives to his clients through consulting or strategic litigation.

Educational background

• Bachelor of Laws - Higher Education Complex of Santa Catarina (CESUSC College)
• Graduate Certificate in Public Law - CESUSC College


• Former President of the Transport and Urban Mobility Commission - OAB/SC
• Legal Consultant in the Research Project “Study on the Integration of Metropolitan Public Transport in Greater Florianópolis” at the Federal University of Santa Catarina


• Analysis 500 - Most Admired Lawyer (Santa Catarina) - 2020

Professional Licenses

• Brazilian Bar Association - Santa Catarina - No. 32.854

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