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Innovation, Privacy, Data Protection and Digital Compliance

Legal activities are constantly impacted by the advent of new technologies and new business models. To be aligned with this trend, our Firm has a team of lawyers who are specialized in innovation, focused on providing legal advice to our clients in areas such as Privacy and Data Protection, Digital Compliance, technology transfer contracts and specialized consultancy for startups and clients from the technology industry. Likewise, our Firm has extensive experience in amendments to a company’s articles of incorporation, transfer of shares, and all the necessary measures to receive investment funds.

A área é liderada pela sócia Maria Elisa Lemos.

Suitability to the Data Protection Law

The General Data Protection Law is a crucial requirement for any individual or legal entity that performs data processing operations while providing services or selling goods. The adaptation project consists of three phases: diagnosis, implementation and monitoring adapted to the needs of each organization.

Law and Technology

The digital market has created several demands that require qualified professionals to regularize the digital presence of companies and the development of new technologies. To this end, our expert team designs, reviews and prepares documents - agreements, terms and conditions, and policies - as well as provides assistance with patent and trademark registration processes, and other demands relative to copyright and intellectual property.

Data Protection and Privacy Officer

In addition to providing public and private organizations with services for suitability to the General Data Protection Law, our Firm also acts as a Data Protection Officer (DPO), with a team of experts in the legal and information technology areas.

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Our multidisciplinary expertise allows us to understand the changes caused by technology in areas such as tax law, labor law and civil liability, in order to provide comprehensive services to clients in the technology sector.

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